Tuesday, July 28, 2015

We have another reader in the house!

Last week I discovered that Christopher can read! He's been learning sight words in 4K since March when we changed daycare providers, but I hadn't realized how many words he knew.

I don't even remember how it happened last week. (I've told you my memory sucks since having Christopher.) Somehow one night at bedtime, we picked out a couple of easy books for us to read together. We started with a Level 2 Chicken Little book, and I read the majority of it. Christopher just read the obvious sight words - the, of, is, etc. Then we read a Level 1 Cars 2 book, and I only had to help with two words. He was reading even non-sight words. But I didn't know if it was because we'd read the book a bunch of times or because he was actually reading the words, ya know?

So...what's a book-loving mom to do? I went to the library (of course!) and picked out 10 more Level 1 books.

Have you tried finding easy readers? There doesn't seem to be any standardization in Level 1 books. Even among the same series, some have actual sight words and easy to sound out words. Others have tons of words per page and a lot of really hard words. What the heck? I had to look through at least 40 books at the library to find 10 that I thought were actually beginner books. So annoying!

Anyway, since then Christopher has read me several other books. And he's actually reading them! He's doing a great job inferring the words based on the context of the story. He really only gets stumped on unnecessary words that don't really relate to the picture - adjectives, etc, I am so proud of him! I've been waiting for this day for so long.

I cannot wait for Kindergarten to start in September. I think with a little more instruction, he's going to really take off as a reader. The reading parties I've been envisioning in my head since he was born are finally going to happen. I cannot wait!

Huge kudos to his teachers, Miss Sheri and Miss Melanie, at Learning Edge for helping him get to this point. Thanks so much!!


  1. Oh that is great!! I try to read so much with my kids. We have a bunch of the level one books that we do over and over with my oldest. Since they are all character ones she loves them.

    1. Most of the ones we own are character ones too. Christopher loves them too. :)