Monday, September 14, 2015

Mini Reviews: Lunar Chronicle Short Stories

To tide myself over before starting Scarlet, so I don't get too far ahead with The Lunar Chronicles Read Along, I decided to finally read Marissa Meyer's Lunar Chronicle short stories found on her website.

Have you read them yet?

Here are my thoughts...

Glitches (3 Stars)
A prequel to Cinder.

This story tells of Cinder's journey from Europe to New Asian with Garan, her stepfather. We learn very little about her past because the story is told in 3rd person from Cinder's POV, and she remembers almost nothing prior to her surgery.

When she gets to New Asian and meets her stepmother and stepsisters, there is a glimpse into why Pearl doesn't like her, but not clue as to Adri's hostility. Peony is her usual delightful self.

This story was sort and sweet but without Cinder's usual feistiness. I know she was younger at the time, but she seemed out of character. I did enjoy the introduction of Iko though.

The Queen's Army (4 Stars)
A prequel to Scarlet.

In this story, Wolf is introduced (using his real name!). It tells of his inscription into the queen's army. Meyer shows off the mind-control power of Lunars and reveals Wolf's true character prior to his "alterations." I liked this short story a lot.

Carswell's Guide to Being Lucky (4 Stars)
A story about young Carwell Thorne.
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I loved this story! Thorne is just as determined and rebellious as always. At 13-years old, he's plotting against his snobby parents, planning his future, breaking rules, and defying the system. There's also some interesting tidbits about life on Earth in Meyer's universe.

This story is a lot longer than the first two. There's several sections: the breakfast table with his parents, a confrontation with a classmate in the hall at school, a literature class, and some lunch time gambling. Carswell is already the smooth talker we see in Scarlet and Cress. An certain incident referenced in the books is explained. This one was a fun read.

The Little Android (4 Stars)
A brief re-telling of The Little Mermaid in the Lunar Chronicles universe.

This story is creative in its setup of the story of The Little Mermaid. Meyer's remarkable ability to re-imagine another classic fairy tale in her sci-fi world is displayed. I want more though. It ends when the story is just beginning.


  1. I hadn't realized there were short stories for the series. I will have to check them out now!!

    1. Yes, do! :) I didn't know about them until this summer when a friend mentioned them.

  2. Somehow I haven't read The Little Android of The Queens Army yet - need to remedy that immediately.

    1. Definitely! Check them out. They're all pretty cute. Too short though. :)