Monday, November 2, 2015

Oh, how I love fall

Fall is by far my favorite season. I love the crisp fall air. I love the colorful leaves. I love wearing sweaters without a coat. I love the sound of leaves crunching under my feet. I love pumpkin flavored desserts. And I love the holidays and traditions.

First up! Halloween...

Pumpkin Farm

Last weekend we made our annual trip to a pumpkin farm. We tried out a new far this year just to change things up. I'd heard good things about Linders Pumpkin Farm in New Berlin, and I saw pictures of their really cool slide.

Christopher didn't seem to mind the bumps in this slide.

We had a great time. Christopher loved the slide and the old school metal carousel. Jim couldn't watch because he thought Christopher was going to get dragged under, but I loved seeing him laugh. He was so happy. I could never go on those when I was little because I got motion sickness.

Love that other kids tough guy face. Can you see Christopher on the right?

There was also a really cute old fashion water pump duck race that both Christopher and Jim had fun doing. Then we went through the corn maze - kind of lame, but still enjoyable.

Look at that smile! I love it.

Pumpkin bowling was a hit as well. All around, we got a few hours of entertainment for around $25 (including Christopher's pumpkin).

Aiming for the last pin. It did fall down eventually.

School Harvest Party

Then this past Friday Christopher's class had their Fall Harvest Party, aka the class Halloween party. They got to dress up for a parade and then played games for an hour or so at the end of the day.

Can you spot Christopher in the third row?

I went to help out with a story and craft. It was so fun to see Christopher in his classroom and to meet the other kids in his class. We read one of those stories where you have to do the craft along with the story, and then it's a surprise at the end to see what you made. The kids really enjoyed it.

I love the tongue out for concentration!

I was only in the classroom for an hour and a half, and when we left, I was wiped out! I don't know how kindergarten teachers do it all day long every day. The chaos and level of energy of all those kids was way more than I can handle.

My little Donatello. 

School Dance

That same night (Friday) was the school's Fall Dance. It was a costume party again, and once I assured Christopher that he didn't actually have to dance, he was excited to go. They had snacks, coloring, and bingo in the cafeteria, and dancing in the gym.

Christopher amid the chaos in the gym.

The younger kids mostly ran around the gym chasing each other. While the older kids actually danced. It was kind of funny that two completely different events seemed to be happening in the same place.

Can you see Christopher right in the center clapping his hands above his head?

Christopher did join in for a few seconds of the Cha Cha Slide, but when I tried to show him how to do it, he was so embarrassed and made me leave the dance floor.

Gavin and Christopher taking a Popsicle break.

There was a lot of back and forth between the gym and the cafeteria. It wasn't as fun for me as I thought it would be because I didn't get to just hang out with the other parents. Christopher wanted me to come with him when he left each room. It should be better when he's older.

Christopher with other friends: Parker and Connor.

Pumpkin Carving

Saturday morning we carved pumpkins at 9 AM. Usually trick or treat is on Sunday, so we carve pumpkins on Friday or Saturday evening, but because trick or treat was on Saturday, actual Halloween, and we had the dance Friday night, we had to do it in the morning this year.

Scooping the guts out.

Christopher didn't really like touching the "guts", so Jim and I scooped out all three pumpkins and sorted out the seeds. They turned out so good this year. I love roasted pumpkin seeds!

Jim and Christopher carving away. As usual, I was the first one to finish.

I was pretty excited that I actually had an idea for my pumpkin this year. I saw a picture of Facebook of a pumpkin with really cool teeth, so I decided to try it. Jim did too, and of course his turned out better. But I didn't mind. I was happy with my efforts.

Christopher was going to make a skeleton, like our friend Ben had made last year, but his pumpkin wasn't the right shape he said. She he went with a traditional Jack 'O Lantern face.

Jim's pumpkin, Christopher's pumpkin, and my pumpkin.

They all turned out pretty cute. Only Jim's stayed lit though because his closed mouth kept his candle shielded from the wind.

Trick or Treating

Christopher posing as Donatello with his bow.

It was raining all day on Halloween, but it slowed down in time for Trick or Treating. And then it even stopped after the first 30 minutes. If only we'd waited and gone late. Oh well.

Ready for Trick of Treating.

I took Christopher around for the first hour or so, and Jim stayed home to hand out candy. We went alone for a while, and then met up with a couple of older boys (maybe 13?) who didn't really seem to mind that Christopher was tagging along. Christopher had a blast despite the rain.

He looked so cute and so grown up trick or treating alone. 
He made me stay in the street.

I was freezing though, so we went home to check on Daddy, and I swapped out with Jim. Christopher dropped off his candy, and they went out for another 75 minutes or so. Stopping back once more to drop of candy. It was a very successful night!

Christopher with all of his loot! So much candy!

Enjoying his spoils.

I love Thanksgiving the most, but more on that later this month.

How was your Halloween? How did you celebrate?


  1. I love fall too! You guys had some great events going on! We had a great day on Halloween over here. Clear and not too cold. We went to a little party and then trick treating as a group. The kids had a blast. Thanksgiving is my favorite and I can't wait for it!

    1. Sounds fun! I need to work on finding some other people to trick or treat with next year. Christopher didn't mind going alone, but it would have been more fun for all of us to be in group.

  2. Looks like you've had a lot of fall fun!

    1. We have. Thanks. Tonight we're going to rake leaves...if we have enough energy. I want to take advantage of this Indian Summer. :)

  3. I love fall too! Sounds like you are having a lot of fun this season!

    1. Yay! We are. Thanks for stopping by. :)