Sunday, December 20, 2015

2016 Reading Challenges

I've been thinking a lot about reading goals and challenges for next year, and rather than joining in someone else's challenge, like I did this year, I've decided to create two challenges for myself.

1. Re-Read Challenge

I've mentioned before that I don't really buy a lot of books. I don't like the clutter, and I mostly buy Kindle books now because they're cheaper. But I do have some books that I've collected over the years. Most of them are from before I had a Kindle.

So for 2016 I've selected 12 books that I'd like to re-read from my collection because what's the point of having these physical books if I don't read them? I thought I'd make it sort of like Lauren's Nostalgia Project. I'm curious whether I'll still like these books after all this time. They're ones that I would have rated at least 4 stars when I first read them if I'd been using Goodreads back then (otherwise I wouldn't have kept them).

I'm also thinking I'll get rid of them after reading unless I really think I'll read them again soon, which may be true of Bookends because I've read it at least 3 times although not in the last 3 years.

Do you collect books? Is it with the intention of reading them again? Do you re-read books?

2. New Author Challenge

Since starting my blog in May there are many YA authors that I keep hearing about that I haven't ever read. I thought I'd make a challenge for 2016 to read a book written by the following authors:

  • Leigh Bardugo
  • Sarah Dessen
  • Colleen Hoover
  • Emery Lord
  • Marie Lu
  • Sarah J Maas
  • Brandon Sanderson
  • Jennifer E Smith
  • Maggie Stiefvater
  • KA Tucker
  • Kasie West
  • Kate Forsyth (Oops! I forgot her in the original post. Updated 1/11.)

I haven't assigned authors to specific months or anything that formal, but I'll try to read a book by one of these authors each month, so I hit all 12 within the year.

Have you read books by these authors? Who should I start with? Are there other authors I'm missing that I really must read? Maybe I'll have time for more than 12.

I'll probably also create a goal on Goodreads, but I don't plan on doing any other challenges.

What challenges are you doing in 2016?


  1. Just put "girl meets God" on my to read list since it's the only one of your re-read books I've never read. Sounds interesting.

    1. Cool. I can't really remember it. But I can lend it to you when I finish if your library doesn't have it.

  2. Oooh, I need to start planning my own challenges! Emery Lord is amazing. Open Road Summer is good, but I absolutely loved The Start of Me and You. Sarah Dessen is also great! I've only read Saint Anything, but it was so fun. I can't wait to see you review some Emery Lord and Sarah Dessen.

    1. Saint Anything and The Start of Me and You were the two I was planning on reading. I'm hoping to get to them in February and March. :)

  3. Leigh Bardugo and Sarah Dessen and Emery Lord and Kasie West! All absolute favvvvvorites of mine.

    1. Yay! I am looking forward to reading them all.

  4. Leigh Bardugo is amazing. I loved her Grisha trilogy.

    I own a lot of books (and a lot of those, unfortunately, I haven't got around to reading yet). But I really only reread my absolute favorites, like Jane Austen and C.S. Lewis and L.M. Montgomery.

    1. I haven't decided which Leigh Bardugo to read.

      I love re-reading books, although truthfully I usually do audio for re-reads. This should be a fun challenge. I've read a bunch of these books multiple times already, but it's been a long time.