Friday, April 1, 2016

Month in Review: March

March brought warmer weather, which means more time spent outdoors for Christopher. He's been running all over the neighborhood calling on friends to play. Riding the bus to school has meant finding more boys to play with. I've started trusting his to cross the street by himself. All this equates to more alone time for me. Hooray! I think it's going to be a great spring/summer/fall.

- I finished 13 books this month (2 audio, 6 paper, 5 Kindle).
- I read a book by Emery Lord for my new author challenge. I need to read more of her books! Wow.
- I also read a book for my re-read challenge book. I didn't catch up on my February book yet. I'll get to it.
- Both my YA Book Club and my Moms Book Club me this month. I enjoyed both meetings. I decided to take a break from blogging about my YA Book Club, so I could focus on the conversation more and worry less about remembering what to write about.

- I renewed my contract for 3 more months, so I am still employed through June. Yay.

- I went to the gym 9 times this month.
- I realized that getting to the gym in the evenings wasn't working, so I started attending 5:30 AM classes a couple weeks ago. I've been going 2 mornings a week, which is working pretty well.
- I attempted to do an ab workout everyday in March. That lasted 3 days. Oh well.
- I've given up eating low carb. It wasn't having the affects I wanted, and I ran out of self control. I'm just trying to eat healthy most of the time now.

- Christopher participated in his first chess tournament. He placed 40th out of 52 kindergarten through 2nd graders. Not too shabby. It was a LONG day. He had to play 6 games over the course of 8 hours. Too much for his age. He won 1 game, had 2 stalemates, and lost 3 games. He got a medal and helped his team win the 2nd place trophy.

- I attended literacy night at my niece's middle school.
- Jim and I had a parent-teacher conference with Christopher's teacher. We learned that he's reading at level J (the expected level for the end of 1st grade), so I was super proud of that. But we also discussed his behavior a lot. He's on a new incentive play at school. It's going pretty well so far.
- We started rewarding Christopher at home for doing things independently or being helpful. He gets a gold coin each time he's caught being "good", and then he can trade them for 10 minutes of iPad time on the weekends. It's been good - for us and for him. We'll see if we keep it up after I read Punished By Rewards.
- Jim, Christopher, and I dyed Easter eggs on Good Friday evening after several days of anticipation.

- Christopher woke us up at 6:13 AM to hunt for Easter eggs, and then we hosted Easter lunch for Jim's family. We played A LOT of Code Names.

- Christopher attended a career day at school, and now he wants to be an art designer, instead of a race car driver.

- I took Christopher to his first 3D movie - Zootopia - by accident. We had been avoiding 3D movies because of his vision issues, but I messed up the movie times. He loved it!
- Jim and I saw Deadpool, and we loved it. Jim actually saw it once without me first, and then he went a third time without me after. It's so funny!
- Jim spent a lot of time with friends this month - playing board games and just hanging out. It's been really good for him. He's an extrovert, and I'm so happy he's found some friends to hang out with more regularly. It gives me my guilt-free reading time. And it left Christopher and me some time for playdates.
- Jim's first batch of beer was ready to drink this month. It turned out really good.

- I finally hung some posters up in my reading room. I've had the NerdCon poster and the Cinder Lithograph for a while. But I just got the Allegiant poster via The Book Addict's Guide's Allegiant giveaway this month.

April should be a good month with real spring weather, Christopher's birthday, and a weekend away for Jim and me.

How was your month? What are you looking forward to next month?


  1. Wow, chess at that age? That's an impressive amount of rules to keep track of and a long time to focus! Sounds like you've had a great month. Hope it continues into April! :)

    1. Thanks. Yes, chess club is the only extra curricular that kindergarten is allowed to do. So we decided to give it a try. He's enjoying it and doing very well.