Sunday, May 1, 2016

Month in Review: April

April went by quickly with all of the travel we did and with birthday celebrations. It was a good month even if it flew by.

- I finished 12 books this month (1 audio, 10 paper, 1 Kindle) including 1 re-read.
- I didn't finish a book for either of my book challenges this month. Yikes!
- My YA Book Club meeting went well, although we had varying opinions of the book (Exit, Pursued by a Bear).
- My Mom's Book Club had a good turn out. We met on a week night out at a restaurant, so I think that worked well for more people. We had some good discussion - about the book (The Mapmaker's Children) and about life.

- I went to the gym 8 times this month, not bad considering we were out of town two weekends.
- I'm continuing to go to the gym at 5:30 AM, and it's working well at least 1-2 days per week.
- I added some running before and after my exercise class starting on April 30th. I am trying to prepare for the distance of the Savage Race, and the running, then obstacle, then running pattern. I made it 0.5 miles before and after kickboxing on Saturday, so I consider that a good start.

- We went to see our niece's art installation at her college. She is so talented!

Self portrait.

- Christopher turned 6 on April 18th, so that was pretty exciting for him.
- Jim also attended his sister's 40th birthday party this past weekend, so he got some good family time.

Jim's Family at his sister's birthday party.

- I stayed home with Christopher who had surgery on Thursday morning. He had his tonsils and adenoids taken out to hopefully help him breath better at night and stop grinding his teeth. He is recovering well.

Christopher watching the iPad after his surgery.

- I was sworn in as Home and School (PTA essentially) Vice President for Christopher's school. My term will start officially in June or July. I am looking forward to getting more involved.
- Jim and I were so excited to vote for Bernie Sanders on April 5th, and then we spent some time volunteering for the campaign and making calls to NY. We're not giving up yet. There are still some strong Bernie states to come.

- We went to Universal's Wizarding World of Harry Potter on April 1st. We had SUCH an amazing time.

Christopher being goofy with my parents.

- And then we spent a few days at my parents' house in FL. We got in some beach time, pool time, and rest time (read "I read a couple books"). It was perfect!
- We also got to go kayaking with my aunt and uncle who live very close to my parents in FL.

Christopher and Jim kayaking.

- Jim and I attended Omega Con in northern WI with some friends from St. Paul, MN. It was a very relaxing weekend filled with MANY board games (and some reading for me, of course).

- Jim took down the railing from out deck. We have a small pool we put up every summer, and when you sit on the deck, the railing blocked your view of any kids swimming. Plus it was just ugly. I'm so happy it's down.

Our deck while Jim was in the process of taking the railing down.

May means true spring weather and BEA. I am so excited to be going to Chicago for this event for the first time. I am looking forward to meeting other bloggers, getting ARCs, and learning more about the publishing industry. I need to plan my visit, so I'm fully prepared.

How was your month? What are you looking forward to in May?


  1. Have fun at BEA!!! I loved it last year. I live within a few hours of NYC so it's easier for me to go there compared to Chicago. It's a lot of fun to meet people in person and obviously snag some books ;)