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Juvenile Pile: All 4-Star Reads Except One

Christopher has been struggling to finish books this week. He'll read a couple of pages and then decide he wants to try something else. I don't know if he's getting frustrated by books that are a little more challenging or if he's not loving the subject matter of the books we've selected from the library or what. He had mentioned wanting to read books that we own, but even when he selects books from our own shelf, they don't seem to be holding his interest. We end up with a pile of discarded books at the end of our nightly story time, and it's been like pulling teeth to get him to push through and complete some books, so these selections took a while to amass.

At least he's still interested in James and the Giant Peach, and he let's me read several chapter each night. We're about 2/3 through the book, and while it's a bit strange, we're both enjoying it. I should be able to rate it next weeks.

I read about this book back in January, and I finally got around to checking it out from the library. I knew Christopher would enjoy it because it's about being fast, something he prides himself on being. I read this one aloud.

The two girls in the story are vying for the title of The Quickest Kid in Clarksville. They both want to be like Wilma Rudolph, the first American to win 3 Olympic gold metals in track in 1960. One of the girls has fancy new sneakers, the other runs barefoot, and in the end they learn to work together like a relay team. It's a really fun book.

4 stars

If I Ran for President does a great job of outlining the political process - caucuses, primaries, conventions, election day, the inauguration. I think I even learned something from this book!

I read this one to Christopher because it had a lot of words. It was a little too advanced for him, but it was still good. It's written from the standpoint of a boy telling all the things that he'd do and that would happen if he ran for president.

I would recommend it for older kids - maybe ages 8+ - during this election year. It will help them understand what's going on.
4 stars

Waking Dragons is a book that Christopher read, but he struggled with it a little because the meter was a little off. Some articles (a, the) were skipped, and that made the text confusing for him. There weren't many words, so in that respect I thought it would be "easy", but it's probably better as a read aloud.

It's a fun story about a little boy who has to wake up the sleeping baby dragons and help them get ready in the morning. We especially liked the page with the waffle launcher to aid in feeding the dragons their breakfast.

4 stars

Christopher read Ninja! Attack of the Clan as his "Book with a Red Cover." It's a graphic novel style book, so I had to help a little with guiding him to which frame he should read next, but he did a great job. There weren't too many words in this story.

The little boy is sad because everyone in his family is too busy to play with him. Then when he comes down to dinner, he is "attacked" by the whole family, and he has to take them all out. It's very relatable and super fun. We both enjoyed this one.

4 stars

We listened to Duck on a Bike on audio on a road trip last spring, but I remembered it and found it at the library when Christopher needed a "Book with a Bike on the Cover." It took him two nights to want to dive into this one and finish it, but when he did, he really enjoyed it. He thought it was too wordy, but it only took him 8 minutes to read it.

It's a cute story about a duck who rides a bike. He goes around to each of the farm animals, and they make their noises at him, but in their heads, they're thinking he's nuts. The text ("what he thought was") was a little confusing for Christopher at first, but the repetition was good. And the ending is really cute.
4 stars

Funnily enough, the repetition in In a Dark, Dark Cave got on Christopher's nerves. He thought this book was boring. And the words were maybe a little too poetic for him, I'll admit that.

In the story, a boy and a girl are exploring a dark, dark cave. In the end, it turns out that they're imagining the whole thing. Their father comes to tell them to quiet down, so they don't wake the sleeping baby. They're playing under a blanket tent in their playroom (or somewhere), so they switch gears and imagine they're instead horses galloping to the barn - being equally loud. I loved this aspect of it - the imaginative angle. So fun!

3 stars

Put Me in the Zoo is a book we own. Christopher selected this title the other night as his last chance when he'd given up on 3 books already, and he was driving me crazy. This is a fun easy, read about an animal (is he a bear?) that wants to be in the zoo and thinks he belongs there because he can do amazing tricks with his spots. A little boy and girl watch everything and decide that, no, he really belongs in the circus. It's wacky and fun and very Dr. Seuss-like.

4 stars

What books did you read with your children this book? What were they reading on their own?

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